Pluto Shield: Simple, Sensible, Powerful Risk Management
It works very simply. In any given strategy, there will be a tab entitled "Shield." By pressing it, you're presented with this prompt. It'll let you know the basic functionality, and once you know, you can get into activating your own customized shields. These act as kill switches for your strategy that override any and all code or blocks you've written. By giving a simple prompt for its activation, you create a floor or ceiling to the amount of risk you are willing to absorb in any given strategy.
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Setup is easy
Say you create a strategy that can respond well to the movements of tech companies in the S&P, and you want to capitalize on those as best as possible. But on sudden, unforeseeable down days, you might lose 10% or more of your portfolio based on those same rules that let you buy before the rise. That's bad news, and nobody wants to eat that cost if they can help it. Shields make a big choice for your strategy, overriding what your automation might not catch and protecting your gains.
Shield Templates
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Quick Setup guide
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Pluto command palette
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Do the things you need easier from the new command palette
Crypto historical testing
Build strategies with the top 10+ coins just in time for Summer of Crypto 2022
Tiny notes
  • New icons in a few places
  • Add coin
    in strategy builder
  • Coin icons
  • Fixed issues with automated strategy versioning
Code and QoL
A better code editor, theme overrides, and prettier achievements.
Monaco Code Editor
We've got a much better code experience, try it out in the strategy builder.
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Theme Override
You can choose a theme now! Previously you got your system's preferred theme but now it's up to you.
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Achievements Coat of Paint
Wow, those really are gorgeous.
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Screener strategy integration
You can use screeners to pick the assets your strategies trade.
Screeners can be back-tested! We have ~10 years of historical data for screeners so you can see which assets would be selected for trading.
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Longer screener results
When you experiment with a screener — all results will be displayed and the tradable assets (the ones a strategy would buy/sell) are highlighted in
Some screeners return a ton of results so we added a new table view to make sorting easier.
Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 7
Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 7
Strategy Investment versions
All strategies in your portfolio are pinned to a specific version — now you can see the version info right on the card.
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Better new guide experience
New strategy building guide experience that'll keep you focused on learning.
New content from @parker coming later today.
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"Or" rules
Create more complex rules with and/or rulesets
Screen Shot 2022-06-05 at 4
Screen Shot 2022-06-05 at 4
We're on a mission to beat Finviz and Pluto already has the best screener out there with lots of awesome updates coming!
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Historical Testing
Screeners are great for avoiding bias in your strategies — use a screener to pick assets based on rules to keep your head in the game.
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New Achievements
Every Pluto feature comes with new goals to set your sights on — can you complete "High Nine" it's the most difficult achievement to date.
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